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Nicola McBride graduated from Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen with a BA Hons degree in drawing and painting in 1997. After initially exploring an abstract style after graduating, Nicola has, since 2019 focused on the medium of biro pen. She is interested in both the mark making achieved by the pens and the challenge of trying to control an unforgiving medium. Nicola is restricted to 8 colours plus black and relentlessly practices layering different permutations to establish a realistic finish. Along with bic biro pens, she uses acrylic paint to block in the background which creates a contrast for her subject matter.

Nicola currently develops still life compositions focusing on iconic foods and retro objects which stems back from her childhood. She is heavily influenced by the 1950s Pop Art movement and their fascination of imagery from popular and mass culture.


The central aim of Nicola's artworks is to spark memories in the viewer and help them form connections and relationships from their childhood.

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